Fourteen year old male, here is women explained



AirBNBs logo

I really feel bad for the designers (The Design Studio, U.K. allocated a team of at least 12 people who worked on this project for an entire year). After all that work (owners claim to have reviewed THOUSANDS of logos/variations) and the approval process. This situation is getting out of hand…


It’s not like they made this logo pinnacle of inadvertent hilarity…

The logo has been done already…

These contests are the stuff 14 year old boys and under employed creatives dreams are made of

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 1.52.53 PM

UPDATE: winner was announced…

did i mention i fucking hate these contest/publicity stunts? i fucking hate them and the lazy ass, no idea having, marketing directors who green light them. fuck those guys. and yeah I entered too. what the fuck does that gotta do with anything?