Lame. Just fucking lame.

after 10 seconds in when Jay says “What the hell is that?”


cut to old man Rubin on the couch farting away in a semi conscious state.

just turn the volume down and imagine all these old guys cooped up in a room and quaffing each others farts and complimenting each other on their relative potency like its a goddamned wine tasting room.

“You’re ass gass the bomb!”

fucking fart smelling fest. and these are the stinky old man farts too.



graphic t review


Ignore Drake and focus on the bodyguard. The oversize white stars on the sleeves with three more on the chest is a nice execution. i assume the concept here is 5-stars implying of the highest quality. This style of execution has been replicated ad nauseam. My first exposure to this was a very popular Shorty’s shirt from almost 20 years ago…